green on green.

Our home might be mistaken for a jungle, as there are plants everywhere: a ficus tree in the living room that looks longingly out onto the street, a fern in the office fluffing her leaves like a true diva, a palm plant threatening to poke you in the eye, and lots more…not to mention the […]

lotsa gaHHHlic.

It is officially cold season!  And party season.  Alas, one must stay healthy and strong to be able to rock on.  With the overflowing abundance of garlic left over from playing defence against the Halloween vampires, I decided to make hostess gifts that will keep my gracious hosts’ immune systems robust and breath pungent.  Garlic […]

self-actualization and bread.

We live in an old, creaky apartment with cracks that crawl up the walls, lumpy hardwood floors, and crooked charm.  The harbinger of winter is the sound of the radiators coming on, first with slow grumbling and hisses, building up to rattling like a tin kettle boiling over.  Occasionally it sounds like a troll is […]