brothy soup for murky times.

Buckle in, because I’m going to talk about death, grief, and fatigue – but! There’ll be a great soup recipe at the end! Balance! I hesitated sharing this, because it would appear that I have already talked a lot about death on here. Sorry. Unless you’d prefer I’d talk about one of life’s other inevitabilities, […]

retreat-worthy: shiitake mushroom and veggie soup

Another soup, just in time for the cold weather!  This recipe is derived from the version in Amrita Sondhi’s The Modern Ayurvedic Cookbook.  My mom used to cook with dried shiitake mushrooms all the time, and I hadn’t until now – turns out it’s really simple!  You just let them soak in room temperature water for at […]

spring is in our kitchen!

Or at the very least, spring onions (also known as green onions or scallions, if you please).  In an effort to encourage growth and new things and all that fun spring-y stuff, I attempted to plant a bundle of organic green onions that I picked up from the grocery store!  I made sure to choose […]