it’s all sourdough love, baby.

Bread was among one of the first things I ever baked, and it was a strange, mysterious and incredibly rewarding experience.  Watching the yeast dissolve and grow foamy in sugary water, then the springy aliveness of the dough – it was all so new and exciting.  Enamoured with my new hobby, I even wrote a […]

ginger carob cake.

All year long I drink hot water with a few slices of fresh ginger in it, as a cleansing tonic to help with digestion and a cure-all for various ailments.  However, it is only when the winter holidays roll around do I seem to think of making gingerbread.  Its dark, moist, spicy and complex flavour […]

self-actualization and bread.

We live in an old, creaky apartment with cracks that crawl up the walls, lumpy hardwood floors, and crooked charm.  The harbinger of winter is the sound of the radiators coming on, first with slow grumbling and hisses, building up to rattling like a tin kettle boiling over.  Occasionally it sounds like a troll is […]