raw! seaweed! sprouts! YEAH!

Hot summer days (and even the not so hot ones) beg for light, easy to digest meals: a sense of freshness and clarity is what I seek when I push myself away from the table.  So when I remembered the idea of using seaweed as a wrap, I set to work: to start, I began sprouting some […]

a quick salad for dinner.

Okey, I know it doesn’t look like much (this was a very quick photo because I was hungry and wanted to eat!) – but this was a pretty delicious dinner. First, I poached a couple boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a broth made with one lemongrass stalk, a toss of green cardamom pods, a few […]

polenta: baby food for grown-ups.

I have had a large jar of cornmeal sitting in the pantry for over a year.  It makes periodical appearances, usually when I am making pizza and I need to dust the baking sheet with it.  Sometimes I think I will make corn bread, but it never seems to happen, because corn bread without bits […]

Busy busy

Some weeks are so busy that there’s not really time to turn out some splendiferous meal to take sexy, food porn-y photos of and gush about how it was just the Best Thing Ever. Some weeks you are just making something to eat.  It’s default mode.  Brown rice, canned lentils, and frozen peas.  And that’s […]