a way to eat mayonnaise.

We are in the shoulder season of spring.  It is not quite warm enough to languidly lay in the sun eating raw salads and taking delicate sips of mint julep, nor does it seem quite right to be hunkering down to a marathon of baked macaroni and cheese and beef brisket, slathering on an extra layer of […]

raw! seaweed! sprouts! YEAH!

Hot summer days (and even the not so hot ones) beg for light, easy to digest meals: a sense of freshness and clarity is what I seek when I push myself away from the table.  So when I remembered the idea of using seaweed as a wrap, I set to work: to start, I began sprouting some […]

hello, wild rice thing.

Spring is a tough time of year to dress for; I see people still wearing their winter parkas, while others are tottling around in t-shirts, baring their tender winter skin to the sun.  Similarly, it is hard to decide on what to eat: I’ve had my fill of slow-cooked stews and soups, but nibbling down some […]

a quick salad for dinner.

Okey, I know it doesn’t look like much (this was a very quick photo because I was hungry and wanted to eat!) – but this was a pretty delicious dinner. First, I poached a couple boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a broth made with one lemongrass stalk, a toss of green cardamom pods, a few […]

holiday food!

Last week, we decided to skip town for a few days to hide in a cabin and find some peace and quiet. It has been a long prairie winter thusfar with no definite end in sight, but while we are buried under our layers in an effort to stay warm, we might as well enjoy […]

polenta: baby food for grown-ups.

I have had a large jar of cornmeal sitting in the pantry for over a year.  It makes periodical appearances, usually when I am making pizza and I need to dust the baking sheet with it.  Sometimes I think I will make corn bread, but it never seems to happen, because corn bread without bits […]

another way to soba.

Sobasoba! Here is another way to eat soba noodles, this time out of broth, not hot, but still delicious.  I like how soba noodles are robust enough to soak up a dressing without going limp, but still tender enough to blend lovingly with other ingredients.  Yes, soba noodles are a good thing. This is a […]