the three c’s of granola.

It was getting out of control. For the past few months, I had been voraciously eating granola, that I’d been buying at the grocery store.  Sacrilege.  But wait, it had a cute name! – it was called, “Love Crunch.”  But more importantly, it contained chocolate.  Oops!  Details. The tipping point was when Longer Legs raised […]

we’ve been away.

This summer, Longer Hollow Legs and I took a 6-week road trip through our homeland.  We camped every night (except for two – we desperately needed showers) and it was so lovely to see our beautiful country up close.  Canada is so diverse: from prairies to mountains to glaciers to the tundra, there is so much […]

homemade ice cream 2.0.

Maybe the dairy is clouding my brain, but I don’t think I’ll ever buy ice cream from the grocery store again. It is so easy and so gratifying to make ice cream from scratch – I think it’s one of the great secret pleasures of life.  And you don’t need an ice cream maker. Last […]

eating out, nyc.

Longer Hollow Legs and I recently went on a jaunt to the Big Apple for a friend’s wedding – and of course, a little holiday.  Time away from home and its familiar tastes lends perspective, and I come home feeling incredibly grateful for the food and drink of my local boroughs. Coming home is always bittersweet […]