seaweed wrap, peanut butter edition.

It would appear that I like to variate on a theme.

After all the jollies I got from making raw veggie seaweed wraps, I decided to try another version, but this time make it a little heartier.

I give you peanut butter chicken spinach seaweed wraps.

peanut butter chicken seaweed wrap

Yeah.  Yeah!

The rice is instant brown rice (sacrilege!) mixed with a little mayonnaise to help it to stick together.  Thin slices of cucumbers are layered over, and a good crop of baby spinach is weighed down with chicken breast tossed in peanut sauce before it is all rolled into one delicious tube of awesome.  The first time I made this, it really came in handy as car food when my friend graciously did me a favour and drove to the edge of the city to deliver a back-up pair of glasses to Longer Hollow Legs when he broke his at a music festival (he was taking photos, which you can see here)!

Peanut butter sauce

The peanut butter sauce is made like this: put two huge dollops of natural peanut butter in a cereal bowl.  Add a light splash of tamari/soy sauce, and a light splash and a half of rice vinegar.  Add a few good shakes of fish sauce.  Add a heaping spoonful of white or brown sugar.  Add a splash of water, and mix it all together.  If it feels a little thick, add more water.  A few drops of sesame oil won’t hurt it either.  This will make about a cup of sauce, but I recommend making lots, because it is so so good.