raw! seaweed! sprouts! YEAH!

Hot summer days (and even the not so hot ones) beg for light, easy to digest meals: a sense of freshness and clarity is what I seek when I push myself away from the table.  So when I remembered the idea of using seaweed as a wrap, I set to work: to start, I began sprouting some alfalfa seeds in a jar.  While that was growing, I roasted some sesame seeds and made my own tahini paste with my splendid and all-powerful Vitamix.  When the sprouts were ready after a few days, I smeared the tahini across a sheet of seaweed, laid over a thin layer of cucumber slices, piled on some sprouts and baby spinach, and weighed the leaves down with some peaches.  Rolled up firmly and then cut in half, it made a most refreshing and simple weekday lunch.  I think the next bike ride to the park will include a supply of these.

raw veggie seaweed wraps

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