I had a really, really old package of instant black sesame powder in the pantry.  It is the kind that you are supposed to mix with hot water to make pudding.  I didn’t really like the pudding it made, so instead I decided to use it to make black sesame cake.

This is what happened:


The base cake recipe was a chiffon cake, which by definition requires the beating of the egg whites until they are stiff to provide aeration.  However, unlike the similarly structured angel food cake, the egg yolks are used in the batter as well.  After making this cake and achieving such a light, fluffy, and moist result, I think that egg-based cakes with minimal amounts of fat are my favourite, especially for cakes meant to follow a meal.  After eating a full plate of steak and fries (or in our case, Peking duck and noodles), a dessert that sits lightly on your tongue seems more suitable, such that it avoids lending regret to the previous mouthfuls.

Humans tend to remember the beginning and the end of experiences better than the middle.  In that regard, let us end our meals on a sweet and cheery note, so that we push ourselves away from the table with those feelings in our belly and heart, carrying happy impressions into our next meal.