A cookie, times three

My lovely friend S gave me homemade cookie mix for Christmas.  It’s a great gift, because it’s an excuse to bake and then I get a large Mason jar to store dried lentils in afterwards.  It was originally a recipe for “classic sugar cookies” but since I have a belligerent streak, and it was going to be a rather large batch of cookies, I decided to create several variations of a similar theme.  I started with mixing the base recipe in one bowl, and then I scooped a chunk of it out into another bowl to add particulates.

A classic cookie, in three movements:

Movement 1
Hemp hearts
Sesame seeds
Mandarin rind and juice
White chocolate chunks
Ground nutmeg


Movement 2
Turtles (those caramely chocolates, cut up into pieces)
White chocolate chunks
Large flakes of oats


Movement 3
Dark chocolate chips
Milk crumbs (essentially a mixture of white chocolate, milk powder, sugar, butter, and flour – a delicious mystery)
Ground ginger 


All three cookies were made of the same base: the contents of the jar, butter, eggs, the last scrapes out of the bottom of the peanut butter jar, chocolate cake crumbs (why should they go to waste?)  I didn’t measure a thing, just added what seemed right.  All in all, a melodious way to make several things good to eat.