Sold by weight

I got a new agenda for 2013 the other week.  Yes, I realize it is still August.  Getting a new agenda is very exciting for me – the anticipation of new and wonderful possibilities!  Empty, unfilled blocks of time – what will happen, who knows!  Wooooo!!!!

It’a the same way I feel when I walk into the Bulk Barn.  The Bulk Barn is an emporium of delights, which is to say that it a store that sells bulk dry goods.  I don’t go there often, but I anticipate a visit by making a list of desired items, which is checked and rechecked and remade a few times to ensure a fruitful and triumphant experience.  And when I am there, I make sure I slowly troll down every aisle and eyeball every bin, in case there is something that tickles my fancy.  From clodhoppers to organic red quinoa, they have it all.  With all that selection, the possibilities are endless.  For instance, say you wanted to make cookies.  You could buy all the raw ingredients for the dough, or you can buy a cookie dough mix.  They could be made with wheat flour or gluten-free.  You could add almonds or pecans, dried cranberries or raisins.  Or some sort of chocolate: chocolate chips (jumbo/regular/mini), chocolate chunks, dark/milk/white chocolate…on and on.

Many years ago my friend gave me a gift certificate for the Bulk Barn on my birthday.  Best.  Gift.  Ever.  It was wonderful affirmation that she really understood me.  Sigh.

September tends to have a more tangible feeling of freshness and newness than January.  Perhaps it’s all the years spent going to school that have ingrained this perspective into me, but I look forward to the prospect of something new, of blank pages being filled.  I think sometimes we tend to chase newness a little too much because we don’t want to deal with the old or just have pathetically short attention spans, but sometimes it is nice to press the reset button.

I need to go to Bulk Barn again soon.  The bag of chickpea flour is getting low, and I would like to experiment with arrowroot powder in some bread.  I look forward to being inspired, by piles of dry foodstuffs, no less.