So apparently gluten-free foods are super sexy right now.

It seems that more and more people are being diagnosed (by themselves and otherwise) as having celiac disease/wheat intolerance.  Perhaps it is due to our changing environment (damn those pesticides/preservatives/anything deemed unnatural/the government/plastic water bottles/slash punctuation marks), or perhaps it is simply greater awareness of intestinal discomfort.  Regardless, the amount of gluten-free products being introduced to the grocery shelves is on the rise.

I am so very lucky to be able to eat more or less everything, but I really enjoy the challenge of gluten-free baking, hence my kitchen is an emporium (i.e. messy disaster) of gluten-free flours.  Moreover, the prospect of diversifying the planet’s crops is quite exciting: if less wheat is grown that means more room for millet/buckwheat/chickpeas/etc., and less chance of wiping out acres of crops with one type of mould.  Whoop whoop!

And so in my efforts to promote gastro- and agro-diversification, underwritten with the familiarity of saccharine comfort, I made gluten-free vegan lemon squares.  



I just magically made up the recipe too, and it worked on the first try, which is a huge boon to my self-esteem.

It probably worked out because I was wearing a yellow shirt to pay homage to the lemon and listening to Lauryn Hill (L is for lemon).

Hopefully the people at the farmer’s market like them too!