Tough times

It is with sheepish hesitation that I admit that I don’t follow the news that closely.  The topics are rather disconcerting; on the off occasion that I read a news article, it usually results in me dissolving into a crumpled heap, weeping because the world appears hopeless and just plain mean.  Of course, this is underscored by a cloud of guilt that I am generally not being socially responsible and staying informed about the events around me…

Anyhow, my broad understanding of the current state of political affairs is that it is a grim situation.  Exploitation of power, disinterest in taking care of the environment, random gang violence…on and on it goes.  But what can I do?  I cannot shoulder all of the world’s problems.  I can make myself better, in the hopes of inspiring others…but somehow that doesn’t seem good enough, not radical enough.  The world is changing so quickly; the work of decades can be taken away with the introduction of a budget cut.  Such swift change seems to beg for swift reaction – but intelligent, creative reaction.  Better yet, a response.

However, my knee-jerk defense mechanism is to make a joke about the situation.  Usually something crude or cheesy, likely with reference to poopies and farts.  Barry here tends to turn to drink:


We can’t all soak ourselves in flammable liquids though.  So instead, I propose this:

Guerilla Cakefare.

Guerilla Cakefare is an event where I bring cake, everyone brings forks and plates, and we meet at a previously disclosed location and eat the aforementioned cake.  We can talk about politics, the environment, the merits of buttercream icing versus fondant, or whatever.  Others can bring cake or other yummies if they so desire.  The purpose of Guerilla Cakefare will be to connect with others in the community to inspire intimacy and goodwill, to share ideas for creative and sustainable change, so that when we part all will leave filled with hope and sugar.

Yeah?  Yeah.  I’m thinking the last Tuesday of every month.  Get your forks ready: it’s cake time.