Everything will be ok

It’s that time again.

It’s widely known that the holidays are stressful: making sure you stay within the gift-buying budget, dealing with relatives’ banal questions, Christmas carols on pathological repeat, the existential crisis bubbling underneath the veneer of cheeriness and congeniality as another year slips by and you wonder what you’ve been doing with your life and why you haven’t moved to the Cayman Islands yet like you’ve always planned.

Indeed, there’s a lot to deal with.

So after spending all that time puttering in the kitchen, dolling out delightful jars of homemade spreadables and then realizing you are too tired to make a real meal, here’s a simple dessert for you.  Preparation time is minimal; it merely requires the organizational skill to pick up the ingredient (note the singularity!) during your regular grocery shop, or, as is more likely, the panicked last minute dash to the store for the parsley or whatever it is that will surely, surely, impress the mother-in-law. It can also be easily doubled, tripled (quadrupled!) to your heart’s content.

Easy Chocolate Dessert

Open a chocolate bar of your choice (e.g. Green&Blacks, Cocoa Camino). Place on dish (or not). Eat slowly, reveling in the elegance and simplicity of your ways.  Goes well with a glass of milk (bovine or otherwise), or perhaps some coffee.  Nice to have while reading dessert recipes.