Happy happy

Sometimes when I see someone in an outfit that is entirely unflattering, I can’t decide whether to think, “Good for them, throwing caution to the wind, wearing what they want, huzzah!” or sending them telepathic memos to reconsider their wardrobe choices.  And when I consider posting a photo of my lunch (which became dinner, and lunch for the next day, actually), I’m torn between feelings of reprehensible egomania and a refined appreciation for the mundanities of life, though I’m not entirely sure that I’ve just convinced myself of the latter, in which case it is a perversed notion, symptomatic of the former…

Regardless, I forage on.  People continue to make questionable fashion statements, I continue to assert my self-worth through gastronomic avenues.

I was pretty happy about this meal, because it used up old bits of food cowering in the fridge (apparently a common pastime of mine, such fun!), and it also meant I got to eat my newly bought triangle of REAL parmigiano reggiano, not the sawdust Kraft business that I grew up with, sprinkled on tomato sauce like dandruff on a black sweatered shoulder (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Along with the shavings of parmesan, there were fresh parsley sprigs and a sprinkling of kale chips (roughly chopped kale tossed in olive oil and salt and baked at 350 F for about 20 minutes until kkkrispy).  All of this blanketed a split mung bean stew/soup thing (stoup?) with some carrots, onions, and a careless array of spices ranging from garam masala to fennel seeds.  The soft, soporific mung beans were awakened by the krispy kale and sharp bite of cheese.  Parsley made everyone involved happy.

And who cares about how that outfit looks, if you are happy?